Hello all.
As you can see, this domain is active again, and now hosts my game emulators and links to their home page.
I have finally gotten around to updating these pages, and sorting as needed.

All of my emulators are hosted on a SuperMicro X7DWN+ Server and 15Mb Cable connection.  
Information about my server hardware can be found on my PC page.

Below is general information about what I have running, with some satistics about them.

These servers run 24/7, as they have since they were put online.

Alasiya UO is the Ultima Online emulator I have ran since 1999.
Features and Shard Info can be found at the About Alasiya page.
Updates mostly stopped as of November 2007, with Client support to v7.0.2 and 90% complete.
More update info and some history can be found on the Updates and History file.
We are running, and I am currently looking for players and staff.

Alasiya WoW is the World of Warcraft 3.3.5 emulator I started running in July 2011.  
Still have a few bugs, but most (95%) everything works.
This server is based on TrinityCore, and is still being updated. I download and apply patches every 2-3 weeks.
This server is looking for staff, dev, and players.
Anyone interested in development or looking for a server to GM or play on is welcome.

Alasiya EvE is the EvE Online emulator (EvEmu) I recently(May 2012) found and wanted to try.  
I have the Crucible server with a lot of my own updates, running 24/7.
Here is a list of the current status of my Crucible Code (Alasiya EvE).  
I also have the main branch of Crucible from EvEmu, used as a testbed for moving my updates to the main branch.
Here is a list of the current status of the Crucible project.
I am no longer hosting Zuko's Apocrypha build, due to code problems I cannot fix.
Evenutally, I will update my versions of Apocrypha and Incursion, and put them online, too.
The servers are all still in early development, so not much is working yet, but I am adding more.
I have installed a forum for the EvE server, and it can be found here.

I also have a TS3 server and a Ventrillo server.
Neither of them run all the time, but are put online as needed, which is not very often these days.

Years ago, my staff and I were concerned about rules and playing fair and all that.
These days, I no longer get worked up about following what you want.

If there is anything that you think would make your gametime more enjoyable or
enhance the gameplay on any of my servers, please post your ideas or comments on the forums for that server.

Thank you for viewing.

Today is

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